Marilyn Monroe Beauty Secrets

Today, I’m sharing  Marilyn Monroe’s beauty secrets as she inspired many girls & women from across the globe.

Following are the secrets from the Queen of Hollywood:-

  1.  Monroe would apply thick Vaseline or white Nivea cream under her make up. Even her Dermatologist, Erno Laszlo kept her well stocked with Phormula 3-9-a botanical balm, created to heal a scar of her. However, Active phelityl cream, an all time purpose moisturizer.
  2. She even used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Pond’s, lanolin & olive oil were also purportedly slathered over her skin.
  3. Take your beauty sleep to the next level. After plunging her face in a bowl of hot water each night.
  4. According to koogh, Monroe would grab anywhere five to ten hours of sleep in an extra-wide single bed.
  5. Even she told Pageant magazine that on Sunday, which is her day of leisure, she sometimes take 2 hours to wake up, luxurating in every last minute.
  6. To make her lips fuller, Monroe would have her make up artist apply 5 different shades of lipstick & gloss to create dimension. Darker red went on the outer corners, while lighter hues were brushed on the middle of the lips.
  7. She carried ginger candies in her make up box as these were often used back in the day to soothe an upset stomach or quell motions.
  8. Monroe was wearing hair extension before you were as photos of her make up drawer(below) reveals that not only was she practical (she had earplugs to block out annoying sounds, a matchbox & an eyelash curler in the drawer), but she was also ahead of curve( as you can see braided hair extension in her drawer). And according to Reddit commentor, ladies of the 50s & 60s often used “creepehair”. Usually women gather their combs & brushes into a box. They would later use the hair to make color matched hair rats or those super fussy vintage hairdos.” writes one Redditor. Apparently uninterested  in harvesting her hair ( we really  don’t blame her), Monroe opted for a hair extension
  9. “Despite its great vogue in California , I don’t think sun-tanned skin is attractive than white skin, or any healthier , for that matter ” Marilyn told Pageant magazine in 1952. And further she added that no matter what skin color you are blessed with, don’t fight it. Embrace your natural complexion- and a bottle of sunscreen.
  10. Wash your hair less : To keep her bleach- blonde tresses from fading, Marilyn Monroe resisted washing,which would have faded the color but she substituted with dry shampoo or applied baby powder in her hair roots.
  11. Let your cut eye be impressive:- winged eye-liner  sounds intimidating but Marilyn Monroe ‘s cat eye you was more sultry & smudged than the sharp, defined cat eye you might usually attempt. Use a heavy hand when lining the top of your lids, then soften up the look for wings. Use an angled brush to lightly flick out black eyeshadow that can blend  seamlessly into the rest of your eye makeup.
  12. In contrast to her platinum blonde curls, Marilyn eyebrows were dark with sharp angles. Make your eyebrows just as showstopping by filling them in with a pencil & controlling unruly hairs with an eyebrow gel or clear mascara.
  13. To get glowy skin, Monroe slathered on thick layers of Vaseline or Nivea cream under her make up even before getting in front of camera.
  14. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t always a blonde bombshell– she was born a brunette. She dyed her hair golden blonde when a modelling agency told her it would make her more successful. From there on, she fully embraced it, going lighter until settling on her signature “pillow case white” dye job.
  15. Monroe started her mornings with chest workout  routine, she told Pageant. Workings out as soon as you get up makes you more likely to go through with your exercise session, because if you wait until  after work, you might be tempted to veg on out & watch Netflix. She loved to eat carrots.

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