Essence of Skincare

Everyone should have  a specific skincare routine according to the skin type which are oily, dry, normal & combination.

However, in old times women swear to follow their own customized routine in the morning & in the evening or we can say before sleeping time.

In this modern age of parabens, silicons & other many ingredients, not many believes in those old rituals. Our grandmother era was wonderful as they followed simpler beauty routines & made habit of doing it regularly. Even many of you including me can see & notice that their skin is just beautiful & flawless.  So what is their secret ritual that they followed? Why are they so much perfect?

I am telling below thing they did to their face:

Cold water & mild soap preferably original Pears Soap, which has been produced for more than 200 years. Pears have hypoallergenic formula which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin. I myself following the same ritual,it has been a month only,as I have oily skin which is acne prone skin.

Even first thing in the morning, every women should wash the face with cold water , just the thing for waking you up, refreshing you & leaving your skin tingling. Other old fashioned that one can follow is witch hazel as it can be used to treat various minor conditions, even it is best facial toner you can have. It should preferably be used in morning & evening.

The next  product is in queue is Cold Creme, even for which our mothers made us to apply in winters since childhood. If Wikipedia to be believed,it was definitely something that our grandmothers would have never done with it. There is good reason for it, this traditional product has been so popular for so long- it really works, use it as a cleanser, it leaves skin baby soft but neither dry nor tight.

However, cold creme has got rather a bad reputation in recent years for being comedogenic or pro-clogging, but this isn’t true. The best way to draw oil & impurities out of your skin, the best choice would be Pond’s cold creme.  It may sound unreproductive but the irony is OIL DISSOLVES OIL.

Even Japanese people believes in oil, as they remove their make up with oil cleanser effectively. However, you even check oil cleanser, it is nothing but a cold creme. Using cold creme in evening before going to bed is really a blessing as it will make you feel happy. Even you can try exfoliation with Pond’s cold creme & using Pears soap for washing your face in morning & evening, you yourself will see result on your face.

I follow this ritual when I came to know about this, & I regret not knowing this cleansing method before.

Steps to Clean your FACE: 

  1. Gently wash face with  Pears soap on your face to get rid of the worst of the day’s make up & dirt, rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
  2.  Massage a generous dallop of cold creme into face & remove thoroughly with a steamy fannel,lightly exfoliating.
  3. Finish it with some more refreshing  witch hazel.

Even just suggesting, which I myself never forgot to do in the morning after my bathe & even Joan Crawford, told that she splashed her face with ice-cold water 25 times (I only do 3-4 times & I feel cool sensation & so refreshing it is)  every morning to keep her legendary  face smooth & taught.

Try it once, you will feel good about your skin.

Now, let us take it more further with make up, we all hate cake face & too much makeup  on our face as it looks greasy.

Make-up should be an add on & enhancement to already flawless skin, not the main attraction. The Vintage Queen Amy Duncan has all the secrets. As women in that era didn’t have a luxury of choosing between Dior or Chanel mascara, even they did not get to choose from  the electric mix of eye shadows which are now available in market.

In that era, for women, being beautiful wasn’t only for looking good but it showed that they were supporting their country. Possessing beauty came hand in hand with feeling amazing & most importantly feeling feminine.

Even grandmas always embraced natural looks. No women in that era leave the house without wearing lipstick which instantly give them an incredibly feminine & bold looks.

These shades are must if you want some vintage look:

  1. Classic Red
  2. Nude Lip Color (which I admire & my favorite color)
  3. Punchy Pink
  4. Subtle Rose
  5. Bold Berry

Even few women used rouge, vintage way to attain the rosy-red effect which is a healthy glow, red lipstick had more uses than perfecting pout. Women of old times would rub a little of their lipstick onto a rag & rub in circular motions onto the cheeks. Face powder was used to create a matte base if going out after working at home.

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