Emotion with Brain

In that sweat morning,
Just my legs roaming.

Me with my friend,
Just we guessing which vain!

But friend of friend,
Arriving on land.

She so exhausted-
Fixing the problem on frame!

But I standing alone,
Like throwing a stone.

Now, she stared at me.
I declined to her!

She created the group,
I just entered in room.

But then no conversation,
Goal is only station.

Through day by day,
We just done our way.

On same workplace, I met her again!
Superior that time, but never again.

We just close to each other,
Emotional bonding together.

I just slipped in,
She wants to so mean.

She cries with one eye!
I’m so stupid on mine!

She has no emotion,
Just trapping on vacation.

But still I love her,
She never claim to mine.

I never knew her,
But she seducing more.

Half she wants in fashion!
But never understand this lesson.

I cut it so long!
She has so tricky eyes!

That face so wise,
Anyone can trap in thrice!

But what should I do,
Sinner I’m; Bad deeds I did!
No one take any leads.

Now, nature wants to revenge,
They choose her to revenge.

I just blank with my Brain!
Why should I punish?

So, she arriving with weapons,
So, dangerous she is!

Because, it’s sharp on things,
She cut me in two parts!

I just see what she had done!
But never knew why?

She give so much lies!
I can’t handle in one cup of wine!

So, just she ignored me,
Like, I didn’t identify her!

She just so cheap in way,
I did what she say.

Now, I just being ignored.
But she wants me as thing!

That artificial smiles,
I can’t erase in my mind.

– Jigar Makwana

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