When, I Notice You!

On screen! yellow fade; blue print, white dot.
I don’t wanna say that, they are mad for something.

I just say that, they all are run for something-
-that curious type that one dot can do!

I just mesmerized that, something left that in my life.
then, I just think that, I left somebody for my choice!

They just no one behalf of you!
you, just awesome at that point, when I notice you!

No, all not, some people assume and understand-
-your feelings in better way towards me!

I just play some jokes and cracking on you,
but you so awesome that point, when I notice you!

I notice in that way, that you just smile in sugar way!
I just wanna touch your soul and smile, but I cant!

I don’t know, what your security protect you!
I just wanna touch and feels that, how amazing as you are!

– Jigar Makwana

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