Sinful Soul!

Sinful soul, I’m sinful soul!
Creepy sins, I do that whole;
Hurt an angel, Criminal my mind,
Sharp excuses, Just I remind!

Sharpness of my sins, half way I’m sick;
Through out of that things, that was I think!
No matter of that scene, nothing to that sync;
Dark devil has wings, divine angel has wind!

Sins of my own, nothing do by warn;
Burden of my own, how heavy of my barn!
Silent of the crown, bloody speaks from crow;
My sins to be hard core, my soul is now soft core!

All sins done my own, I regret from my own;
Creepy things I done, many hearts I burn!
I regret from my soul, how heavy of my barn!
Affected of my sins, how sinful soul I’m!

– Jigar Makwana

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