Don’t Blame on Me!

Your brain, Your choice, Your Mentality;
Don’t blame on me!

Yeah! That truth is naked which I speak,
But You shouted on me, Prove that I’m right.
Artificial things You just believe in.
Don’t blame on me!

Damn! Fuck like your choice, You broke the trust,
Than you behave like a fool, your tears like trickster.
Playing game of your side, not me not my side,
Just shut up! and fuck-off. But, Don’t blame on me!

Psycho and mental are good than you, now this time is mine.
Just your one choice and you do shit on group with lies!
Yeah! My choice is great, that I left your side,
You realize what and whatever! But, Don’t blame on me!

You the dumb with your relation, not my fault!
you make me fool, first time neither twice.
Not you worth that true people in your life!
I left your circle by my choice. Don’t blame on me!

Your all argument are fucking trickster!
Just you shit on your group, Don’t blame on me!
Yeah! I angry with that incident, your fucking hoax,
Because, I solved that issue in my way, But.
What you’re, bitch! Don’t blame on me!

You tease my trust, tear my emotion!
that past time we spend together,
But that time how political  you are!
Playing politics with all mind, How am I fool!
Now, Don’t show me your fuck-face!

So, Lines which I write for not your enjoyment,
These lines which I write for my enjoyment.
Whether you like it or hate it!
But, I just done. Don’t blame on me!

Jigar Makwana

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